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The Canadian Human Rights Commission’s
2020 Annual Report to Parliament

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Chief Commissioner's message

"We must aspire to build back better – to make a new and a better normal."
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Building back better


Over the course of 2020, the pandemic both amplified pre-existing inequality in Canada, and created new barriers. Many of the measures put in place to control the spread of COVID-19 have had unintended and disproportionate consequences for people who were already living invulnerable circumstances. These stories touch on some of the many issues the pandemic has made worse for people. As Canada looks toward recovery, we have an opportunity to create a new and better normal where everyone is included.

Protecting human rights


Each year, the Canadian Human Rights Commission helps thousands of people find the most efficient way to address their human rights concerns or find information about their rights. In many cases, the Commission helps people resolve their issues quickly and informally, or helps them find the appropriate process to resolve their issue.

Preventing barriers


Taking proactive steps to eliminate barriers so that people do not experience discrimination is essential to building an inclusive society.

The Commission works to prevent discrimination through its work in administering and enforcing the Accessible Canada Act, Employment Equity Act and the Pay Equity Act.

The Commission has created a Proactive Compliance Branch to ensure efficient and consistent service for organizations that are required to engage with the Commission in order to comply with these three laws.

Promoting human rights


The Commission is responsible for promoting equality and inclusion in Canada. We do this by raising awareness, encouraging dialogue, conducting research and analysis, engaging with civil society and the international human rights community, providing expert advice to policy-makers, and speaking out on pressing human rights issues affecting people in vulnerable situations.

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